Site Updates for 2018 – Back to Basics

2018 Updates

Updates 1: Release Schedule Returns 2018

It is with great excitement we announce the return of the release schedule starting early next year, along with some other cool updates. We’ve been working hard at listening to all the content in the review request queue along with some other great audio dramas we think you’re going to love. An official date will be announced in 2017, regarding the reimplementation of the release schedule.

Since we are going back to basics and continuing the podcast, the way reviews are released will change slightly. We like to think of it as an improvement. More details on that below.

Update 2: E-mail Reviews and Early Access

As some of you know, if you subscribe to our e-mail list, you’ll still receive early access to reviews. Since the release schedule is returning, we wanted to make sure you’re not being cheated out of your benefits. Therefore Audio Drama Reviews plans to stay two weeks ahead of the public release of reviews. In short, this means e-mail subscribers will receive their access 2 weeks before it goes to the general public. Reviews will be released on Sunday Mornings.

Update 3: Fan Polls and Beyond the First Season

There are so many great audio dramas out there. We try our best to remain neutral and objective. This means continued listening goes somewhat against our philosophy. That will change next year.

Followers on Twitter will see a poll for shows where the first season has already been reviewed once a month. Once the results are in, the winning show will receive a review of their next season. For example, The Bright Sessions would get a review of their second season if enough people voted for them. Due to budgetary constraints, these reviews will be published FIRST on another website. The site allows writers to get paid for content based on the number of views their articles get. It costs nothing for the reader. Join our e-mail list to find out where.

We are effectively on hiatus until the new year as we listen like mad monkeys, write like the wind, and record like crazy. More details will be coming down the pipe soon. Until then …


Leave a comment below or e-mail us at for clarification.

New FREE Feature for E-mail Subscribers

Free for E-mail Subscribers

Get not One, but TWO Free Bonuses. All you Need is an E-mail Address

Those who use their email address to subscribe to the blog will receive BOTH a free copy of Audio Drama Reviews: Four Stars and Above.” Or, as I like to call it, “The Never-ending ebook.”

The hell does that mean, you find yourself thinking. Well, back at the three year mark of the website going live, I released an ebook with the subtitle of “Three Years 100 Reviews” on various platforms.

You can find that book by clicking here. Links to all available retailers will be located on the page.

Now, here’s the real icing on the cake. In addition to receiving an ebook every few months, you’ll receive FREE access to text reviews as they are finished. Details on how to access them will be included in one of the first emails you get.

Old Subscribers have already been moved to the new list. If you’d like to unsubscribe, there’s a link to do so at the bottom of all the emails. The first one should go out shortly after this update posts. To get them, simply enter your email in the right-hand side bar and follow the given prompts to sign up.

Any questions? Leave a comment below or email me at

We Won an Award

Also the site was given an award for best drama blog on the internet. Thousands of blogs were evaluated on various merits and we ranked 28 out of the top 50.

Here’s what they said about the site:

Audio Drama Reviews tries its best to look at what people are doing in the realm of podcasts and audible dramas, through an editorial eye. The founder is a writer, who can’t help but look at everything story-related through the lens of a writer and what could writers learn from listening.

I’d say it describes us well. The site which gave this award is FeedSpot. You can find the other winners by clicking the link above.

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Going Forward…

Starting today, Audio Drama Reviews will no longer be releasing on a bi-weekly schedule. Instead, we’ve decided to go for a more audible solution and focus on our podcast and YouTube channel.

Since recording and producing take time, we feel any schedule would put us in a deep depression. In addition to the podcast, we’ve also reinstated the Patreon to help fund site expenses.

Check out the new rewards like “Archived Audio Reviews” and the “Audio Producer.” Details in the link above.

200th Review Results and a New Reviewer?

The results of who would win the spot for 200th review on the site have been determined. Actually they have been for a while. There was a great turnout, a lot more people than I expected showed their support for these great audio productions. I guess that’s the power of social media for you.

I bought the production on audible almost two years ago, after finishing the show’s second season. It’s now time to reopen pandora’s box and resume the zombie apocalypse.

That’s right, We’re Alive – Season 3 is the winner of the 200th review determination poll The review will go live on January 29, 2017.

The next announcement to share is that Audio Drama Reviews has a new critic. In addition to myself, Michael Bergonzi, Zane Sexton has signed on to be a critic both of and for audio dramas. Like me, he started off as a fan. In some ways he’s harsher than I am, but I’ll let you judge that for yourself when his first review on the site goes live this Sunday (July 31, 2016).

Take care everyone.

What do Edict Zero, We’re Alive, and The Beam all have in common?

They’re all contenders for the 200th review spot on the site. After looking at the stats for the five plus years we’ve been active, we noticed that the top three productions were as follows:

Rather than picking one of these titans of audio productions that span the spectrum of audio entertainment, we decided to let you choose. Let these creators know you love their work by voting on your favorite. We’re huge fans of all three, making the decision near impossible. Hopefully democracy will have better luck.

Eventually we’ll review all of them, but it felt right to do this for the 200th review. This is not the super awesome special surprise I mentioned on twitter a few weeks ago.

So look forward to that.

Cast your vote on Twitter.

New Contact Information

Some of you may have noticed that your e-mails to have not been sent. In preparation for the new  server switch, I forgot to set up new a new e-mail address.

The post titled “Reviewers Wanted” is now up to date with the correct e-mail address. All review requests should be made to If you’ve submitted previously to the old e-mail, don’t worry I still have access to it. I just can’t receive any mail. Not sure about sending it.

In any case, here is a list of the following shows on the review queue:

  1. The Bright Sessions
  2. New Century – Arlington
  3. Wooden Overcoats
  4. Caalo Xan
  5. Gallow Tree

If you’ve submitted something that isn’t listed above, please e-mail the above e-mail address. If you’ve contacted me about wanting to be a reviewer for the site, send an e-mail to Volunteer@AudioDramaReviews.

Reviewers Wanted

In an effort to expand readership, Audio Drama Reviews has opened up their doors to other critics of the art form. We are looking for a few writers/reviewers to add to the arsenal. If you are fan of audio drama, full-cast productions, audiobooks, or any story told without required visuals, send an e-mail over to Use the subject: “ADR Employment – GENRE OF INTEREST” (See below).

We are looking for 3-6 reviewers in the following genres (two for each one is the goal, but one per genre is also good):


Please note, for the time being, these are volunteer positions. I’d love to be able to pay people per word right out of the gate, but it’s just not feasible for me right now.

The body of the e-mail should contain your credentials. A cover letter. Don’t worry if your new to reviewing anything artistic. Once the e-mail is sent, I’ll reply back with some follow-up questions. The sooner you answer these, the sooner you can be added to the reviewer’s roster. These questions are to help me place you inside your ideal position.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

Thank you.

–Michael Bergonzi

Changes for 2016: Patreon and Amazon Affiliate Links

As of January 2016, I’ve been doing this for over five years. It’s my aspiration to turn this into a business. Granted having a single focus on reviews of a relatively niche market isn’t exactly the best business model. Especially when a lot of people creating hour upon hours of content are doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, it seems kind of sleazy to start charging people.

But don’t you pay a newspaper a subscription fee to read the news they provide, either online or off? When I started this site, it was a way to give back to the community. Slowly, this idea of turning it into a business grew inside my head. Finally, after much debate with myself I’ve decided to take the middle road. The content will always be free, but if you want exclusive bonuses, I’ve set up a montly patreon account.

I tried a similar approach during my first couple of years and quickly learned I needed a following before anyone would be willing to give me money. No one subscribed and my approach of getting new followers to the site was sloppy at best. I’m honored and extraordinarily lucky to have as many twitter followers, Facebook fan page likes, and other social media outlets. For all of you out there who come back every week for a new review, I sincerely thank you.

You may have noticed a new addition to the website header called “Help the Site.” I’m hoping the directions found on the page are self-explanatory. In case they aren’t I’ve included a FAQs for the Patreon. If enough people ask about the amazon affiliate links, I’ll update the page.

Anyway, go to to sign up.

Patreon FAQs

Why Patreon? Why not donations?
Donations would be a fine way to raise money for the site, but I’d rather
give something to fans as a token of my appreciation and Patreon is the best way to do that currently.

What will the rewards be?
Currently there are 2 rewards you can sign up for. The patreon is monthly, as I publish reviews every week. Those rewards are an exclusive review each month at the $1 level and an ebook sent to you every month at $3.

Will free audio dramas or review requested productions be exclusive?
No. All audio productions released for free on the internet and/or sent to me through the proper channels, located at will remain accessible to all visitors of the site.

The exclusive reviews will be for stories I’ve spent my own money. These will mostly be audible audiobooks and graphic audio productions. Since I do this every week, more stories to review is better than less.

Leave them in the comments below.

I Have a New Ebook Out. This One’s Different. It’s Fiction. Also, Brief Hiatus in Effect

Two weeks ago, I linked to my most recent ebook release. The review in question was for Across the Nightingale Floor. It was rather brief mention and not many people saw the post, according to my stats.

Being the unashamed, self-promoter that I am, I decided I’d write this blog post. Don’t worry, this will be the final mention on on the blog, but I will be pimping this book on the twitters and the book of faces. You can find those accounts here (Twitter) and here (Facebook).

If you like intrigue of the political nature and historical fiction, especially one set in Feudal Japan, you may want to check out Moon and Star. Oh, and it has a slight fantasy element.

Here’s the synopsis.

For Kaito, becoming Shogun was a sure thing. But when he learns the truth about his birth, he is forced into a world of conspiracy, politics, and a decades-old plan for the total domination of his home. He is the son of a rival clan lord. The same one who threatens his adopted family with war.

The opposing force’s armies are bigger and ready to attack, but something holds them at bay. Someone is pulling the strings and after the Shogun dies everyone becomes a suspect in both his murder and who, or what, is preventing the coming war.

A tale of magic, swords, and lies, Moon and Star asks the question: Does the right to rule come from within or without? Blood or sweat? Birth or chosen by the people?

It’s currently available for $2.99 on amazon kindle exclusively. You can also read it for free if you are an amazon prime member. Share it with your friends and I hope you enjoy it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: this book ends on a cliffhanger, but you’ll get the complete book once it’s edited and ready to go. Shouldn’t be too long, now. I’ll hopefully have it done before July 5, when something special is scheduled to happen with both my story and the site. Look forward to that announcement.


It’s getting harder to both listen and review audio stories on a weekly basis, which is why from now until July 5, 2015, will not be posting any new reviews. I will be using this time to listen to as much content as I can. I appreciate everyone’s understanding and I’ll see you the day after the fourth of July.

–Michael Bergonzi