3 reviews this week

Sorry about the lack of a review this past Sunday. To make it up to everyone, I’m posting 3 reviews this week. Two on Wednesday 4/22 (my birthday) and one at the usual time Sunday at 9 AM.

I’ll be finishing up Big Dan Frater Volume I and tackling an old fan favorite of sci-fi/fantasy radio drama. Can you guess what it is?

Hint: May the fourth be with you. 🙂

Unexpected Ebook Update

Not sure how long this has been going on, but the ebook: “Audio Drama Reviews: Three Years, 100 Reviews went up to 99 cents on amazon. Now that I’m aware of this, I’m trying my best to make it free again. I ask that you be patient until that time arrives.

If you’d like to support the site or haven’t downloaded a copy yet, feel free to buy the book. Anything over $2.00 (after royalties. I get 35 cents per download) I will use towards keeping the site up and running. I’ll update everyone when the ebook is once again free on amazon.

To the best of my knowledge, Kobo and Smashwords are still free.

I thank everyone for understanding while I get this sorted out.

Audio Drama Reviews: 3 Years, 100 Reviews – Coming Soon (September 28, 2014)

To celebrate the 100th review, I’m re-releasing an updated version of Audio Drama Reviews Collection One. It can be found here with its new cover and title already live. If you’ve already downloaded the Kindle version, the updates should take effect within 72 hours after I hit publish (which will be on on 27th of September at 11 PM Central). Hopefully the updates take affect sooner, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

Amazon will probably send an e-mail out to people who bought the book to tell them about the newer version. However, you will need to turn on automatic book updates. I believe it’s set to on as default, but just in case here are the instructions.

1.  Visit the Manage Your Content and Devices page
2.  Select “Automatic Book Update” from the left navigation bar.
3.  Click Turn On.

For the other platforms (Kobo and Smashwords), Simply e-mail me to receive the updated version. I’m not sure if they do updates the same way Kindle does.

Again the release date is 9/28/2014. So I won’t be sending out advanced copies until that date.

Post-Ebook Era Update

Starting July 6, Audio Drama Reviews will return to a weekly schedule.

This will go indefinitely. It’s kind of why there’s been a lapse in reviews. That and fixing some ebook errors (see below).

Updated Request Guidelines Page

There are slight changes to the “request guidelines” page. I can’t emphasize enough that the story needs to have sort of end. As a rule of thumb, If you know that the episode ends on a cliff hangar, don’t submit it! Finish the story, first. If it’s a serial, find an appropriate stopping place and mention the episode numbers in your e-mail.

Ebook Details Continued…

It came to my attention that the ebook out there on amazon, kobo, and smashwords have a few errors in them. I’ve been trying to keep it updated, hoping that the changes I made would be reflected in the ebooks that have already been downloaded. As far as Amazon goes, that’s not the case. I wanted to apologize for not catching this stuff before clicking publish.

Rating System and iTunes Store Reviews

Starting immediately, there will be a rating system for all works that have at least “3 stars”. Anything less will not be reviewed on iTunes or wherever you’ve placed the audio drama. This is to help the audio dramas in their iTunes rankings. There will still be some negative reviews, but they will remain solely on the site.

Here are the ratings:

1 Star: Clipping

2 Star: SFX Confusion

3 Star: Worth the Time

4 Star: Story First

5 Star: Oh the Feels

The Audio Drama Reviews Ebook Update #2

Time for another ADR ebook update!

There is no confirmed release date, but it will be sometime in late winter/early spring. As of now the following reviews will be included:

  1. The Knightmare (Decoder Ring Theater)
  2. Shinkei (Decoder Ring Theater)
  3. A Four Star Murder (Decoder Ring Theater)
  4. This Thing of Ours Season One (Decorated Air Theater)
  5. Robotz of the Company (Episodes 1-3)
  6. The Cleansed Episodes 1-5 (Final Rune Productions)
  7. The G-Files Episode 1 (Gypsy Audio)
  8. Tamlynn PI Episodes 1-2 (Gypsy Audio)
  9. Wormwood Episodes 1-3 (Habit Forming Films)
  10. Our Fair City Seasons One and Two (Hartlife Media)
  11. The Rats in the Walls (Hartlife Media)
  12. The Leviathan Chronicles Episodes 1-4
  13. The Leviathan Chronicles Season Two Director’s Cut
  14. The Administration Episodes 1-2 (Misfits Audio)
  15. Jim Nolan: Private Eye Episodes 1-2 (Misfits Audio)
  16. Professor Hoyt’s Remarkable Elixir (Misfits Audio)
  17. Snape’s Diaries (Misfit’s Audio)
  18. Thanks for the Memories (Misfits Audio)
  19. Tom Riddle’s Diary (Misfits Audio)
  20. The New York Crimes Season 1
  21. 7th Son: Descent BETA edition Prologue-Chapter 5 (JC Hutchins)
  22. Hothouse Bruiser
  23. Lilith’s Children
  24. The Katniss Chronicles Season One
  25. The Lost Elevator (Northern Lights Media)
  26. Mega Tales Episode 19: The Tale of Mr. Night Night
  27. Politicise Me
  28. Red Colt Bounty Hunter Episode 1 (Audio Drops)
  29. Neverwhere
  30. Trophy Case (19 Nocturne Boulevard)
  31. The Whisperer: The Seeing Eye
  32. The Line Arc 1 Episodes 1 and 2 (Pendant Productions)
  33. The Line 2×12-2×14 (Pendant Productions)
  34. Seminar Short: The Burrower (Pendant Productions)
  35. The Kingery Seasons One and Two (Pendant Productions)
  36. Red Sands Investigations (Pendant Productions)
  37. Genesis Avalon Episodes 1-3 (Pendant Productions)
  38. Tabula Rasa Season One (Pendant Productions)
  39. Star Wars Episode IV Radio Drama
  40. Sweeney Todd and the String of Pearls (Radio Drama Revival)
  41. We’re Alive Seasons One and Two (Wayland Productions)
  42. The Destiny of Special Agent Ace Galaksi Season 1
  43. Ika Roa Season One (RicoMark)
  44. Shift (Earbud Theater)
  45. Ender’s Game Alive (Skyboat Media)

That’s 45+ reviews in this upcoming ebook. The one’s marked in bold are not on the site as of yet, but they will be before the ebook is released. Soon after Ender’s Game Alive is released, their will be another update with a more concrete release date.

Can’t wait to get this puppy out. 😀

The Audio Drama Reviews Ebook Update #1

Remember back at the beginning of 2013, when I mentioned there might be an ebook coming out this year? Well, guess what, it’s official! That’s what I’ve been working on, instead of posting new reviews more consistently than I would’ve liked. I only slacked off a little bit, I swear. The problem is that right now the word count is around 15k words. I want to at least reach 20-25k words, before I begin editing and adding hyperlinks and such.

I have the following audio dramas that I plan on listening to and, hopefully review, before the new year:

The Katniss Chronicles Part 1 (currently on episode 13)

The Destiny of Special Agent Ace Galaksi (not started)

Tabula Rasa Season 1 (will listen after “Destiny of…”)

Star Wars IV and V Radio Dramas (Almost done with episode IV)

Want your audible drama to be in the first collection? Send them my way via the proper channels. I’ll post another announcement when the minimum word count goal is reached, along with the contents of the ebook and more general information. This will be the first of what I hope to be many review collections. I hope to have the first draft done in November so I can have a release date in December.

The New Archives

Thought I’d take a minute to breakdown on how I define each category in the new archives section. If anyone has any problems finding reviews, they can contact me at:


Anyway, without further ado, the categories are:

Audio Drama

A movie or television show for the ears.

Full Cast

A stage play for the ears.

Radio Drama

Audible dramas from the Golden Age of Radio.


An oral performance of a book.

These are just my definitions to better categorize the site. I’m sure later down the line, there will be some overlap, especially between full cast and audio drama.