One Year Anniversary (Coming Soon) and Changes for 2013

Decided to give this “press release” a little early. Originally I was going to wait for January 1, but figured it would better to ease people into the changes.


  • The release schedule will be gone. That means when I write and proofread a review, it goes live. No more waiting. At that time the homepage/archives will have been updated.
  • I will only review seasons and/or completed works. After doing this for almost a year now I feel that writing reviews for individual episodes is getting sloppy. I’m basically saying the same things within a month’s time.


  • Any request for me to review an audio drama podcast will have to go through my “trailer-trilogy test.” It’s fairly simple: You get three episodes and/or a promo to hook me into the story. I do this, because chances are if I don’t like the first few episodes, then I won’t like the rest.
  • A podcast/audio version of my reviews (new and old) may be on their way this upcoming year. I don’t know, because I haven’t recorded any. 🙂 I will let everyone know if and when the first episode is released. But do note that it probably won’t be released on a consistent basis, just when I have the time.
  • A FREE ebook (.epub, .mobi, or .pdf) containing all the reviews I’ve done for a year (January 2012-December 2012).

Again, these changes/updates won’t be taking place until January 1 And with that I bid you all farewell.

Stupid Calendar Mix Up

So I realized that what I thought I put down for Fridays were actually Saturdays for the month of November. That being said, I still plan to release reviews of The Line. However, they will be released every Saturday. Sadly, because of this, there will be a week where no new reviews will be released. There may be something in its place, but I can’t guarantee anything at this point in time. Normal reviews will continue in December with The Cleansed, by Final Rune Productions.

The Cleansed will also have to released on Saturday, because 5 is not divisible by 4 (5 episodes and only 4 Fridays). For the new year I will be reworking the way I release reviews. More on that at the end of December…

Thank you,

–Michael Bergonzi

Message to Trolls and Other Misc. Commenters

I’ll say this once, I DO NOT tolerate hateful, vulgar comments on my blog. You will get NO WARNING and I will blacklist your IP on site. I’m not going to waste time giving people second chances. Anyone’s first comment must be approved by me, before it goes public. Don’t bother submitting them, hoping your “voice” will be heard, because it won’t be.


You’re just giving me hits on my blog. You are clearly desperate for attention, so this post will act as your drug. After this, I WILL NOT be posting anything else on this subject and will ban your IP from the site, as I have mentioned in the above paragraph.

Welcome and What to Expect

This blog is where I will review the various internet audio drama series that are out there. This will also include podcast audiobooks as I think they fall under the same category. I mean they both have elements of drama in them. I mean it wouldn’t be much of a story without it.

The first section of reviews will be on one of Pendant Audio’s various shows (TBA). After I’m caught up I’ll move into J.C. Hutchins’ 7th son universe as I review the first book in the trilogy. The pattern, or structure, will be that I will alternate between podcast audiobooks and audio drama.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy your time here.

–Michael Bergonzi