Alone in the Night

This audio drama has been sitting on my computer for awhile. Part of the Wavefront Anthologies series, from Electric Vicuña and starring Jack Ward of the Sonic Society, Genevieve Jones, Tanja Milojevic (from Pendant Productions’ starring role in “The Line”), along with David Ault and John Bell, this hour long short has both emotional resonance and a twist which rivals the one found in “The Sixth Sense.”

The first quarter of this story is getting the reader up to speed and, at times, it can get tedious. The main character informs the audience via monologue. In the story itself, he is recording himself. The setting is outer space and the ambience and sound effects clearly establish this piece of world building.

The story picks up once the protagonist meets the love interest and the interest arcs upward until the twist, which blew my mind. It was perfect for the medium of audio.

5/5 stars

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