Attack on Space Season 1 (Episodes 1-13)

This show bridges the gap between audio drama and visual entertainment. Plus it’s a fan adaptation of the anime “Attack on Titan.”

This show is posted on a youtube channel. What’s different is that the creators don’t use one image for the entire episode like a lot of people. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, YouTube is another social media outlet for audio drama creators to stretch their wings over.

This series, however, takes the still image idea to the next level. It’s sort of an audio drama slideshow with the script appearing on screen as the actors and actresses say their lines. It’s almost like a passive video game on a gameboy or other handheld device.

People on YouTube are loving the series and the creators are close to finishing, if not done with, the second season. Fans have even sent in reaction videos. The first five episodes area bit sluggish, but the coolness factor of this audio drama/slideshow hybrid is amazing at the amount of thought and care that has been put into the production blows my mind. The visuals can be distracting sometimes, because I’m often looking at the screen for the next bit of dialogue. The story is off to a slow start, but the hybrid-A/V nature of this show is what made me stick around.

After episode 6, the story picks up and takes a semi-darker twist. There are also a lot of characters to get to know. Some of them feel like one-offs who we will never hear again appear again. The depth of these characters is non-existant to some extant. Even Eren—the supposed lead character— barely gets any “screen” time. Season 1 is very much an ensemble cast story. No one character is leading the show. The problem isn’t with the concept (there have been plenty great stories with an ensemble cast), but with the execution. Each scene is from a different character or group of character’s point of view and there’s barely enough time to get to know them as it changes. Again, the listener hardly hears Eren and the only thing we know about him is that his mother was killed in a titan attack and his sister is Mikasa. Other than that, we don’t know he normally acts.This may be a problem with the source material this is adapting from—but Jean, Commander Levi and Sasha are the most interesting characters. The rest didn’t have much life beyond the plot.

Near the end of the first season, when something bad happened to Levi, there was a sense of unfairness towards the commander. The last three episodes turned up the tension notch all the way to eleven and more than made up for the slow beginning.

You can find the show here

5/5 Stars

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