Audio Drama Sitcom: Wooden Overcoats

A British audio drama sitcom with American sensibilities and humor, the first season of “Wooden Overcoats” is packed with laughs and characters who run the line between well-developed characters and somewhat overused character archetypes. All while running with metaphorical scissors, cackling like a maniac. If that doesn’t scream sitcom, nothing will.

The first two episodes don’t give much to the overall tone of the story. Yes, they’re funny, but it’s not until the third episode where you find yourself laughing out loud at some of the humor it pulls. It’s absurd, but for a situational comedy it’s held back from becoming a tired and obvious blend of sitcom tropes one after the other. The season manages to balance itself well between thought-provoking character studies and off-the-wall crazy hijinks the characters have thrust upon them or create for themselves.

The final few episodes serve both the humor and the story, much more than most television sitcoms. The story comes together slightly disconnected, however, with a mystery that is set up rather late and falls flat. Thus giving the listener a sense of “why was this included so late?”

Of course as with any comedy, thinking too hard about the logic makes any humor-based show seem unfunny. Wooden Overcoats manages to walk that line between traditional US sitcoms while still having the British wit Americans love to enjoy.

Highly recommended!

4.5/5 Stars

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