Big Dan Frater and the Barbecue Pit of Sudeman Phycer

For the final episode, this does a fantastic job at creating both a self-contained story and a good ending point for the first volume. It’s strange how—despite being it’s own story—this episode feels like a end piece for the entire arc. It’s entirely subjective and communicating it is hard, but hopefully people who have bought and listened to volume one know what I’m trying to say.

This is in the middle of the other episodes in terms of enjoyability. Again, it feels like a book ending, despite their not being an overarching arc for the characters. Unlike the previous episodes, the characters are a lot smarter. The humor is still funny and the majority of the jokes hit their mark.

The plot of this episode is a quest story. Dan Frater and the gang have to find three items and return them to Sudeman Phycer—who has taken away people’s desire to barbecue. They hope giving him the objects will persuade him to lift the curse.

Therein lies the problem with this episode. Despite it being a comedy, there still needs to be escalating conflict. This one has none. On the very first stop, Big Dan and the gang simply walk into a jungle, are almost attacked, and walk out without a scratch. There was no battle. They were simply allowed to leave. As a writer, the three scenes where they “quested” stood out in a bad way.

4/5 Stars

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