Big Dan Frater and the House of Long Pants

Big Dan Frater and the House of Long Pants is perhaps the weakest of the five episodes, but still manages to warrant a quick chuckle here and there. Unlike the previous episode, this episode, the humor took second seat to horror and drama. There’s still humor of course, but it’s more a parody of horror movies than anything else. In fact it’s kind of wishy-washy in the way it plays out.

After listening to this episode, it became quite clear that these characters are not only misinformed, but idiots. A little bit about the plot for this episode: this is a classic “trapped in a house while a murderer is on the loose” story. Not sure if there’s an official term, but hopefully the description provided is enough to offer up some examples of movies and other television shows. Michael Myers from the Halloween movie series should leap into mind or something similar

The ending itself is abruptly concluded and the resolution is a: “Really? That’s what happened?” kind of moment. All tension is lost and you can’t help but wonder what the point of this episode was. To make you laugh, or make you sympathize with the characters? Either way this is the weakest of the five episodes, with episode four being a close second. Next week is the review for episode three, which is perhaps the best one out of the mix.

3.5/5 Stars

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