Big Dan Frater in Sorry, Right Number

As stated in last week’s review, the third episode is the best out of the five episodes found in volume one. It is also the shortest which is a strength, rather than a weakness. You’d be surprised how much one can accomplish in less than ten minutes.

So why is this one so highly praised? The answer is that the idea behind the episode is so simple, yet beautifully executed. In particular the ending, which has elements of episode one on a conceptual level. This time however, the problem mentioned in the first episode’s climax is avoided and instead offers a surprising, yet inevitable ending. The best kinds, regardless of genre, and when done well in a comedy? That’s just icing on the cake.

This was also the first episode where the opening credits made more sense.  Simply put, the lines the characters say in the opening are taken directly from the episode itself. So far these have been random and silly, but overall funny.

The episode is pretty straight forward. A lady calls Big Dan and company to let them know someone is breaking into her house. After a few minutes of playing phone tag, the story takes a turn towards the ending. The ending is surprising yet not quite inevitable like in most genre fiction. Still the answer to the question: ‘Who is in the house?” is something you’ll wonder how you missed. It’s that obvious.

5/5 stars

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