Dr. Who Dark Journey

Dr. Who meets Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper. The first episode of this five part, hour long show focuses on Dr. Who’s perception of Holmes. The episode after it focuses on Sherlock’s of the Doctors.

Perhaps the biggest strength of this Dr. Who/Sherlock Holmes Crossover is the fan service. Clearly the creators are a fan of both characters. The references they make to shows like BBC’s Sherlock are great for a quick chuckle, but stop there in terms of their requirement for the story. It doesn’t however take away from the overall enjoyment. Rather fans of Holmes and the Doctor will squee upon hearing some of these one-off lines of dialogue.

The story’s ending may fall flat for some people. While the mystery of who the killer is is solved, the last scene introduces a question which is essentially only there for sequel potential. Whether or not its deserving depends on whether you think the ending works and isn’t a cliffhanger. Personally, it walks that line of being too loose with its ending.

Long story short, this Dr. Who/Sherlock Holmes mashup is good, but lacks a powerful climax, substituting it with tons of fan services for both characters.

4/5 Stars

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