Genesis Avalon Episodes 1-3

Pendant Audio’s original super hero that actually had its beginnings on the voice acting alliance forums, years before it was released on Pendant, is a great mix of anime and the hero’s journey. And that’s what makes it so appealing. There are two many anime series that follow what I call the “anime archetypal storyline.” Granted a lot of them stemmed from Joseph Cambell’s hero’s journey, but animes have almost the exact same key points in the story, with a few exceptions of course. There are obvious differences in terms of the characters and setting, but the plot is generally being reused. Before I get ahead of myself, let me just say that I enjoy most anime and what I said could be said about any story, regardless of the medium; the old “every story has been done before” speech.

I think of Genesis Avalon as anime meets the hero’s journey and it dabbles in the area of western comics as well. The reason I say it has elements of anime is because of the nostalgia I felt for classic action animes way back when. The first show that came to mind around episode three was Yu Yu Hakusho. I really can’t describe the sensation I feel when listening, but I do know that I enjoy the show a lot.

The idea to use celtic mythology as the backbone for a super hero story is very cool and exciting. I’d recommend this series based on that alone, but that’s not the only reason to listen it. There are a multitude of comments I could make, both positive and negative. But, there’s nothing really negative I can say about the first three episodes, except for a big question that I assume won’t get answered until season four. That question is how is Assara still able to use the God’s powers if the Gods took  them away. I mean it would be like someone saying “You’re fired. See you on monday.” Why wouldn’t the Gods just take away all her powers? In the commentary track the creator it was said that we won’t know about Assara’s past until season four.

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