It’s About Time Episode 1 “Help Wanted”

From the catchy theme song to the laugh-out-loud humor, this comedy from the Cardinal James Show is great fun.

The story centers around two people who find themselves hired by a travel agency. One is full of himself. The other is semi-quiet and the brains. If this sounds like the classic “Pinky and the Brain” scenario think again. The characters, even from the first episode, show more complexity and death than the “stupid one and the smart one who happen to be buddies” trope

The humor is what really makes this piece stand out. It’s not crude or immature, but it’s not overly smart like a lot of British sketch shows. Rather it strikes a balance between the two allowing both audiences to join in on the fun.

The first episode’s story is simple. The two friends learn that they work for a time travel company and have to rescue a couple of clients from fifteenth century England. There’s not much else. All you need to know is that hilarity ensues from the first few minutes.

5/5 Stars

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