Mega Tales Episode 19 “The Tale of Mr. Night Night”

Horror and comedy, in a lot of ways, are two sides of the same coin. Both genre’s goals are to illicit an emotion in the individual experiencing the story. Successful horror makes the reader/listener afraid, while successful comedy makes the person laugh. That being said, it’s impossible to do both at the same time. Fear and laughter are on opposite ends of an emotional spectrum, which makes a horror-comedy a very hard genre to pull off. One has to balance moments of humor and horror and 9/10 times, the writers make it more of a comedy.

What does this have to do with Mega Tales? Just near everything. This anthology show is marketed as horror-comedy and that really colored my vision of this particular short. There were some other problems, like the script feeling like it wasn’t edited, but the biggest complaint I have is the genre. True comedy is hard to write, because it is so subjective. This particular short only made me laugh once. That’s not to say the jokes were bad. They just didn’t make me laugh, personally. This is recommended for a younger audience. I felt like the two creators had a blast creating this audio short, just from their

The script felt like it needed serious editing.┬áThe reason why I felt this way was because of how many times the same thing was repeated, using different words. While listening it was hard to tell if the story was scripted at all, or if while acting, the actors made it up as they went. If I had any advice to offer the creators of this anthology show, it would be to keep an eye on your scripts. That and don’t stop doing what you love.

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