Our Fair City Season 2

The second season of Our Fair City has an interesting structure. The first few episodes are quite dark in tone, which peaks around the middle episodes. Then we take a relaxing, comedic breather in the episode about the creator of the M.O.L.E. people. Dr. Morow. The reference to Stephen Hawking was enjoyable and the part about turtles made me bust out laughing, both times. Once the humor ends, it’s back to the dark and hopeless state of a city, masquerading as a happy-go-lucky place to live.

I enjoyed the M.O.L.E. people much more than the first season. I felt they were just there as a world building tool. Which is fine when you want the world you create to feel real. As characters, however, they didn’t have that much depth in the first season. I felt I could connect with Clay, who reminds me a lot of myself. The episodes with the M.O.L.E. people, though more in quanity kind of draws attention to itself. So much that you’re expecting the climax to involve the M.O.L.E. people. I call this unintentional excess foreshadowing. I won’t spoil what happens, but the fact that we spend more time than usual with secondary characters—outside of the main plot—made me suspicious as to why we were even seeing things from their point of view. It’s the principle of seeing gorilla in a phone booth. It stands out like, well, a gorilla in a phone booth.

The main plot, at least I assume it is do to the fact that it gets the most screen time, is dark comedy. Which I haven’t really heard in an audio drama. Sure I’ve laughed at jokes with dark humor, but in those the plot wasn’t as dark.

A highly original climax wraps up season two. It may be another zombie story, but the writers twist it just enough to make it original. Rather than the story being about survival all the way through, the woken apocalypse starts near the end. And, quite honestly, I’ve never seen—or heard in this case—a story done quite like this.