Politicise Me

Politics is its own inherent conflict and conflict=story. It takes a lot of guts to write a political drama. Emphasis on the drama, meaning this isn’t a political thriller. In fact the conflict is based on real life, not extrapolation. I don’t know much about the politics over in the UK. So “conservative” and “liberal” will be used in this review instead of democrat and republican.

This audio drama short shows both sides of the political spectrum in equal light. In both the amount of “screen time” each character gets and the rebuttals (though they aren’t technically called that), the writer gives each spokesperson an equal say and it’s up to the listener to decide whether or not what they are saying is total B.S.

The main problem I have with this short is I have a hard time of keeping track of who’s who. Not the voices, but the characters themselves. They become defined by their political beliefs. Which is a good thing, but not everyone has the same beliefs as a cookie-cutter liberal or conservative. They have a mixture of both. I listened to this multiple times, just so I could categorize the people. After all, I’m human and we are known to do that sort of thing. When I think I figured a person out, he says something that conflicts with my preconceived notion of certain political parties.

You can listen to it here

Find out more about the creators of this work by clicking here

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