Red Colt: Bounty Hunter Episode 1 “The Girl”

A short little western piece that succeeds in both concept in execution. Despite the limitations of a short timeframe, this story had traces of an entire arc that take newer writers years to execute in a way that’s believable and in character. This is a problem I have the most trouble with in my own writing. It’s like that saying: “Execution in storytelling is king, not how cool one’s concept is.”

There was a bit of nostalgia for Red Dead Redemption. The same sort of character as John Marston played the protagonist of this story. The character in this story is in some ways more moral than Marston. Red Colt’s flaw, at least from this episode, is that he can’t let go of the past. He feels guilty about events of the civil war that he felt were his responsibility. The writer does it in one powerfully delivered line from the actor. The writer and the actor might even be the same person, though I’m not 100 percent positive. Leave a comment below if this is true.

The concept itself is straight forward. A traditional western done in audio. While I haven’t listened to a lot of audio drama westerns, I know they’re out there. The price (yes, this one costs money) is reasonable when you consider that most songs are 99 cents or more and you get less content. Generally a song can be anywhere from 2-5 minutes. Looking at it like that, I think you get your money’s worth. Basically if you’re willing to buy a song on iTunes, you shouldn’t be complaining about this costing 89 cents.

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