Robots of the Company Episode 2

Love the introduction and robot puns. You can’t go wrong with jokes that replace “mother ______ with  “motherboard.” So far the series reminds me of an audio drama version of Howard Tayler’s web comic, Schlock Mercenary. The humor is based around the character’s interactions with one another and not just based on the wacky incidents they find themselves in. Just like there are plot-driven stories and character-driven stories, there is also character humor and plot humor. The robots are likeable and their relation to one another is great. It’s hard to find humor in plot as then you’re basically having a badly written scene in a situational comedy (sitcom) where–for example–a person gets a pie in the face. No matter how good the sitcom is, character humor trumps that almost every time.

The joke with the suspense musical sting being part of a robots programming was quite funny and clever. It’s breaking the fourth wall, but it’s done in such a way that it comes off as witty–rather than childish. Though, I’m the kind of person who loves any type of humorous fourth wall breakage. When you break the fourth wall by kicking me out of the story, then thats something completely different. I just wished the episodes were a bit longer. Not much to say about a less than twenty minute episode, other than it’s good or bad.

If you can’t tell I enjoyed it on the level of its humor. I can’t really judge the entire first season having only listened to two episodes, but so far I’m enjoying myself.

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