Robots of the Company Episode 3

This series is really reminding me of the Schlock Mercenary Universe. I know I stated that in the last review, but if you just replaced the mercenary crew from the web comic with all robots you’d pretty much get Robots of the Company (At least from what I’ve listened to so far). The way it’s paced makes it seem like a slightly longer comic strip of 7-8 panels, rather than 3-4. I’m not quite sure if it’s one scene per episode, but it sure feels like that–especially for this episode. In fact I think it may even be just that.

The plot of this episode is that the robots are trying to get a ball from inside Rover, who is a robotic dog. The robots are trying to decide who will go dig in there and get it. I write this, but as a disclaimer know that this was not going through my head as I listened. Basically I’m wondering how bad could it possibly be inside a robotic dog. Maybe my imagination isn’t that great, but I just pictured a hollow shell, with gears and other mechanical devices. I didn’t picture flesh, bones or anything that really makes a dog a dog and human’s human for that matter. I just don’t see how they could have made that big a deal out of getting something out of Rover. Again, this is something I thought after the fact and it didn’t ruin my listening experience.

The end of the episode kind of fell flat for me. It would more interesting if Brisco wasn’t there to save the day. Putch said he was busy, or something along those lines. And yet at the end he showed up and got Squeak out of doing the job. It seems like a deus ex machina to me, but a very minor and insignificant one that didn’t really effect my opinion all that much. What did it for me was the overused joke of “Those are the wrong balls” as the last one or two lines of dialogue. I don’t think it’s childish, but I have seen it so many times that it loses its impact.