Seminar 41: “The Burrower”

This seminar short won two pendy’s in the seminar category over at pendant productions. And, it goes with saying, it deserves the award. I haven’t laughed so hard in a seminar short since the “Detective Mac” storyline. A lot of shorts this past year have been kind of dark and sometimes depressing to listen to; Bed 667 from Seminar 37 is a prime example. It was nice to relax a bit with this nice little villain origin story. Even though the concept may sound cliche, the closest thing in recent memory that comes close to being categorized as an origin story for a villain is Dr. Horrible. Other than that movie, I can’t think of any more examples of a villain origin story where the hero isn’t the main focus.

In this story the hero of Hugeopolis, Uberdude, plays secondary to The Burrower. Frank uses the same trump card twice to get Uberdude off his back. Frank is one of those characters that you love to hate. Sterling Archer from the FX television series, Archer, is a recent character in popular culture where you laugh at the jokes, but you have to admit the character himself is kind of a jerk.

I feel a need to mention the actor who played Frank, Jack Calk, as I was the one to cast him in that role – back when I was still directing Seminar. When Jack won the pendy for best actor/actress in a seminar short (This exact one), I felt a sense of pride… or maybe that was my ego showing? Probably the latter.