Snape’s Diaries

Going into this I thought the series was complete, but the end of episode four gave no closure to the series. In fact that’s when it started to get good. Not that the first three episodes were bad. They were okay, just not on the level I’ve come accustomed to when listening to a misfit’s audio production.

The acting, while not bad, I would imagine different takes could’ve been used. To put it simply, the actors didn’t match each other’s emotions. Yes I am aware that most online audio dramas don’t have people in the same room, feeding off each others performances. However, since there are many online audio dramas that have scenes and sometimes entire episodes where I suspend my disbelief and actually think they are in the same room. Those happen enough times that I can safely say that those instances are not flukes, but good choice of takes compiled together to form the illusion that these people are in the same room.

Episodes one and two were the setup episodes, but I don’t think many non-Harry Potter fans (whether that be the books or the movies) would be listening to this series. Then I read the release year on itunes: 2008. All that backstory was necessary, because the last Harry Potter movie hadn’t come out yet. And since quite a few people only watch the movies, they would have no idea that Snape loved Lily Evans/Potter. I felt the writer handled their relationship in a unique way that added to the Harry Potter universe, rather than crowbarring a story into the wizarding world of J.K. Rowling.

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