Tamlynn PI episode 1

This series should prove to be an interesting one. I knew the answer to the whodunit mystery, but not the why. And that, to me, is mystery writing at its finest. When you can guess the culprit and still be thrown off guard by it, then you nailed the big reveal. But, the reveal is only in the second or third scene. When I looked at the duration time on my ipod, I noticed I still had a good chunk of listening to go before the episode was over. I’m not saying I looked at the time, because I was bored. On the contrary, I looked because I thought it was almost over. I was enjoying the pacing of the story as well as Tamlynn, who has a wit and personality that rivals that of Carla Marley from Red Sands Investigations.

The character of Tamlynn takes the hard-boiled detective cliche and pokes holes in it until it’s deflated enough to be molded into something more original. The character really came alive for me, simply because of her wit and sense of humor. If I had one complaint it’s that the filter on her voice, during the voiceover lines, is kind of odd. I know a voiceover is supposed to sound reverberated, but it sounded more like another filter was applied. Perhaps it was applied. I’m just saying that it sounded different than the other reverb filters I’ve heard. Granted, it is something new, and I enjoy new ventures into the unknown. But, some things are best left alone. Using reverb for voiceovers is practically an archetype and an art in and of itself. There’s a certain feel, different from mixer to mixer, that one has when finding the exact reverb settings on their audio editor. When you get the right sounding setting you know and feel happy that after minutes of sliding sliders and entering numbers, you finally found the one that works.

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  1. Thank you so much for the review! I think you’ll like how the VO changes as the show progresses, and what a lovely compliment to my writing. Makes me think I’d better keep it up!

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