Tamlynn PI episode 2

The second episode does a Casino Royale to Quantum of Solace transition with the first episode. One episode starts where another one ends. The story is less complex than the previous episode and the production value took a serious hit. I’m not sure if there was a different mixer for this episode, but there were a lot of inconsistencies with the left and right channels and background noise for a few actors that really took me out of the story.

The inconstancies are most noticeable during the scene where Tamlynn is interrogating the staff of the house and the scene before it. At least two characters switched channels frequently and, like the background noise, took me out of the story.

The mystery is solved with hardly any clues or foreshadowing and its effect is a luke warm ending. I’m starting to get a feeling that you can’t foreshadow in a non-visual medium. At least not like you can in prose.

I won’t tell you who did it, but the mystery at the start is not the one that is solved at the end. And, for that, I have to give the writers points for making it complex enough and still having it fulfill the promise made at the beginning.