The Administration Episode 2: “You Did What?”

This episode made me laugh and go “what?” all at the same time. The episode opens up with what Mergatroid is saying the title of the episode and the hilarity commences. The President-elect broke the rule that parents tell their children not to do regarding phones. Richard Duncan decided to create his own cabinet, because he felt sorry for mergatroid. The plot aside, this episode really made me laugh out loud (LOL… yes I just spelled out one of the most common IM chat lingo, deal with it). The funniest parts were the puns *dramatic gopher music.* I mean with lines like “secretary of the fence” you can’t help but laugh, even though the punchline is so corny. You’re laughing with, not at the joke.

And who doesn’t want tartar sauce with their congressional herring? I’m sure it tastes just like swordfish.

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