The Cleansed Episode 1

The first episode does a fantastic job of setting the tone for this series. A dystopian future, much like the one depicted in the video game series “Fallout.” There are a lot of shared elements between the two of them: the small town at the beginning, a big city, and an underground movement versus a trained army. That’s all in the first 3-5 scenes.

Once the groundwork has been laid down, the listener is forced into a scene with a bunch of thirty, or older, men and women who’s dialogue is hard to differentiate. The dialogue is snappy to a fault. That fault is the listener hardly gets anytime with the characters. They felt more like backdrops, which is fine. Every character doesn’t need to be three-dimensional. Only the ones who are main characters need to be fleshed out.

The one person who is exempt from this is the father of the two children at the beginning of the episode. He has a clearly defined motivation. Find John Prophet and his children. The conflict comes from the small town’s refusal to help. Instant tension and the story gets underway.