The Cleansed Episode 2

Now we get the other sides of this apocalyptic future. Something that the Fallout can’t do, because the limitations of a video game narrative. The episode starts in a prison yard. We get a first glimpse of the Believers, lead by Paul. In the next scene we get a bit of John Prophet’s gang, and a goal of rescuing someone by the name of Zeke. You can just tell something fishy is up with Saul. His voice being the biggest giveaway that he’ll betray anyone who interferes with his plans. Whatever they may be. At this point in the story, it’s just speculation. He could actually be genuine.

Then there’s the scene where we meet Zeke for the first time. Zeke panics when he see’s Saul. That’s a classic case of conditioning right there. The story continues with various narration from different characters. We learn a bit about Zeke’s history with John Prophet. There’s also an interesting assault scene. The “camera’ cuts out before it can actually take place, but you know that something bad was about to happen to the girl. I have no idea who the character is, but based on his dialogue about Satan, I gather that he’s the antagonist for the Believers.

That’s another thing that’s cool. Each group of this new world has a antagonist group. Prophet’s Gang has the Republic, The Refuge has the Dwellers, and the Believer’s have this serial killer. This is just speculation on my part. Nevertheless it’s cool if that was there intention. It’s great apocalyptic storytelling, regardless.