The Cleansed Episode 4

A nice little horror episode to make one feel the dystopian nature of this world. The character of Tully reminded me of the dentist from “Little Shop of Horrors.” Both are insane sociopaths, but tully takes the prize. Feeding people to his pigs is something I’d expect out of a cult horror film. It’s not very believable, but on some level every story has moments where if you think too hard—the left side of the brain will throw you out of the story.

They also go deeper into one of the four main sects of this world: The Republic, John Prophet’s gang, the Christians, and the Refuge. In episode 3? we focused on John Prophet’s gang. This time, we learn more about the preacher and we see (hear) him attain two new followers—In an ominous sort of way. Maybe it was the actor, but I got the strange feeling that the preacher has his own agenda. Then again, I’m usually skeptical about people who are that involved in Christianity. Perhaps it’s a red herring, or maybe just a subplot that will come together with the other threads going on? Only time will tell.

There in lies a problem I’m starting to have with this series. There are too many plot threads and a lot of them are adding questions on top of questions, without giving any answers. While this builds mystery, it can get old pretty quickly. Note that I can’t say for certain that this is actually happening in the story, maybe it’s just my imagination? The production value is so good that everything kind of blends together. This makes the world more rounded, but when the focus is clearly on the characters, the scopes of the stories tend to conflict with one another. What I mean is that it would be like someone doing a mundane task, only on an epic scale. There was a Writing Excuses episode where they talked about epics and Brandon mentioned “The Hulk” movie, by Ang Lee.