The Cleansed Episode 5

I write this review before the last episode of season 1 has been released. Again, like all the other times, I don’t have much to say. It’s an interesting episode. You don’t get too many musical hymns in an audio drama. I didn’t mind it, but it did get a little annoying after awhile. Then again, practically every church song repeats the same verse over and over again. But enough about that, this isn’t a review of music.

I seem to recall saying that I didn’t trust the believers. Amos said it best. People in post-apocalyptic setting generally follow a Social Darwinist approach: survival of the fittest. The only reason there so nice is because they want something. My guess is a sacrifice. I mean a guy kidnaps a little boy for God knows what reason (pun intended). I’m not here to predict or potentially spoil a plot point. However I do like to deconstruct stories, if you couldn’t tell.

I’ve said it before one of the intriguing parts of this audio drama is the “group-antagonistic” nature of it. Basically each group in this world has an opposing group. It’s something I picked up on, after months of playing Fallout: New Vegas, and re-listening to the these episodes.

When the New Year comes, I’m definitely going to revisit this series.

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