The Death of Poe

Another episode from “The Truth” podcast. This tale is quite different from False Ending, not just in tone and subject matter but the way the story is executed. This entire piece feels like an NPR broadcast. Everything from the host’s voice to the meat of the story itself is elegantly woven together so as to appear seamless. It’s why this particular review is placed in both the full cast and audio drama categories.

The story — the one surrounding Poe’s death starts out as a simple frame story. A listener of the Truth sent in a story about his job as a caretaker for a museum. The chilling tale he tells is one where his employer explains to him about the day Edgar Allen Poe died. All this while trying to bring the famous poet and writer’s spirit from the divine beyond. The actor who played this listener’s employer did a great job of coming off creepy.

The events surrounded Poe’s death are mysterious, according to wikipedia — as mentioned by the host in this episode. The story creates a plausible story where it’s unsure whether or not it actually happened.

For someone who knows very little about the father of detective fiction, this version is in the vein of the “based on a true story” gimmick found in a lot of biographical drama films. In here it works. What with the groundwork laid in the form of an NPR-style broadcast. It only added to the unique and sometimes horrifying experience.

5/5 Stars.

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