The Fall Season One

An audio drama about the fall of Lucifer hits all the beats you’d expect from a “fall from grace” storyline, but at the same time forgets the promises inherit in the genre. For example, the catalyst for Lucifer beginning to question God is quick and abrupt, much like Anakin’s in the Star Wars Prequels. Now I hate to compare this with prequels, but both stories have similar problems. There’s no love interest in “The Fall,” but it does have a relatively strong relationship component between Lucifer and Michael. Though, at times, it can feel a little over the top. Melodramatic, if you will. “Corny” is perhaps a better word.

Created by radio personality/DJ, Dayn Leanordson with voice work from audioblivious productions (the people who brought you “Natural Selection.”) Fun fact: I learned about “The Fall” after listening to Dayn’s episode on The Roundtable Podcast and hearing about his take on the original “fall from grace” story arc. I had no idea he and audioblivious worked together on this until around episode three. Small world.

The fall from grace storyline is nothing new to fiction and just about everything plausible has been done to account for the switch from good guy to bad guy. Basically any of the seven deadly sins seem to be the go to source for character motivation. In this case it’s lust and greed for power. The inciting incident for Lucifer’s arc is instigated by another angel who, when we first meet him, is nudging Lucifer on the course we all associate with him. Much like Palpatine and Anakin from Star Wars. After that, he basically becomes a patsy for Lucifer with no real known motivational switch for his character from one who manipulates to one who follows.

Aside from the melodrama and quasi-believable story trajectory, “The Fall” is essentially a “the true story of [insert historical figure or mythological character here]”
type plot, where the writer takes great liberties knowing how limited the source material is. Given those limitations, the writer did a decent job of conveying those ideas into my head. The biggest problem on a conceptual level was that it could’ve been so much more creative. Everything about this has been done before, and it’s the lack of following through on what was set up that makes this relatively short season depicting the fall of Lucifer an average listen.

3.5/5 Stars

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3 thoughts on “The Fall Season One

  1. Hello! I’m Dayn, the producer of the Fall. Contrary to what you’ve suggested, I am the sole producer behind this story. I did all of the voice acting in episode 1 myself. Audioblivious did some voice acting towards the end of the season, and will do even more in season 2. This was my first attempt at audio drama, and I regret a lot of what I did. I wish I had developed the story more, instead of writing as I went. This resulted in plot holes and lack of character development, thus I whole heartedly agree with most of this review. That being said, I wish you had put a bit more effort into this review. You exposed my weaknesses and dismissed my strengths. My use of music, sound effects, ambiences, etc. were not even mentioned. I have learned a lot from season 1, and I’m sure you will enjoy season 2 much more thouroughly. Thanks for your consideration

    • One thing I did love was the music. Sound effects were good, but nothing memorable and the ambience distracted more than enhanced the story. Sometimes I forget to mention the positives.

      I also wasn’t trying to suggest audioblivous had a part in producing it, merely that they helped with the first season in some way. Sorry if that didn’t come across in the review. I appreciete the more acurate information, however, and will update the review to correct any misinformation I may have presented.

      • I really appreciate the feedback. I got into audio drama production less than a year ago, so I can use all the criticism I can get. For the most part, I completely agree with your critiques. Thanks again for the review, and I hope will will enjoy Season 2!

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