The Huntsman Legion 101: The Good Stuff

The first episode of the Huntsman Legion shows promise with it’s futuristic setting and detective tropes. It’s hard to say whether the rest of the series we’ll be as good, but the “new guy” to the audio drama field knocks  episode one out of the park.

The sound effects aren’t on par with some of the more veteran production companies, but for a first attempt, there’s barely any awkward sounds that sound like they don’t belong in the same room as the characters. A common problem with newer companies.

As for the story itself, it’s a cross between noir and science fiction. There’s elements of a mystery in this particular episode, but often the information is handed out without too much trouble. That’s fine, as it’s not the primary focus of the story. What is the main plot of the story has to do with a illegal operation involving alcohol, hence the title: “The Good Stuff”

All in all “The Huntsman Legion” is something to be on the lookout for as an up and coming series from Crusader’s Media.

4/5 Stars

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