The Kingery Season 1

The first season of the Kingery, like the seasons after it, doesn’t hook you in until the halfway point. the phrase: “In late out early” could be used here to get through the introductions of the setting and characters. However, the awesome and snappy dialogue more than makes up for it. One of my favorite lines of the first episode is, “Do you know who I am?,” which is said by the shows lead character – Tommy Arkell (played by Pete Milan). That line and the way it’s delivered just sent chills down my spine.

Speaking of lead characters, I really think that each season has it’s own protagonist or lead character. For the first season it is not Tommy, in my opinion. I believe the main character for the first season is Hooks, simply because a protagonist usually has to change and grow. This can either be done emotionally or physically. It seems like the characters who already worked at the Kingery didn’t really grow, except at the very end.

The concept of body swapping, while not original in most art forms, is really cool and at the same time confusing. Obviously, being a non-visual medium, the Kingery has to rely on the performance of it’s actors and the dialogue of the writers in order to convey that information. And I think the Kingery does a good job, considering the limitations.

I could go on about the Kingery as a whole and the philosophy of some of the technology that is incorporated into the storyline.