The Kingery Season 2

        When I first listened to the second season of the Kingery I thought there was no way the writers could top off the explosive ending of the first season. I was wrong. The writer’s were fulfilling promises made way back in episode three of the second season that I completely glossed over the first listen. The deaths of various Kingery employees was still a mystery, even though we had evidence of who it was right from the first three episodes. I either didn’t want to believe it or the writers did a fine job of masking that fact and treating it like a red herring, rather than an actual clue. To accomplish both at the same time is quite remarkable.

However, and this goes more into season three and four of the show, I feel that since the second season the finales have been less satisfying. Season three’s ending was half character-driven and half huge action set piece. They blended them quite well, but it kept me from saying to myself: “that was a GREAT ending.” Season four’s ending seemed to tack on the SOL body swapping at the very end just for a huge plot twist. But, introducing a promise that late in the season feels more like bad foreshadowing. The biggest question I have for that season’s ending is “why?”

Going back to the second season, the performances were all top notch. I really enjoyed the scenes with Fix and Tommy. Their chemistry was great and that scene in season 2, episode 7 blew my mind and I said “yeah!” out loud, when Fix got what was coming to him.