The Knightmare (Part One)

An alright rip-off of “The Shadow” radio serials. Not a lot to complain about, but nothing that really set it apart from “The Shadow” and that is one of its biggest flaws. I couldn’t help, but compare it to “The Shadow” and that kind of colored my perspective when listening to this. The acting is solid and everything about it is top notch–for the most part.

A complaint I have about the story itself is that the male characters sound the same. During the scene at the observatory, I couldn’t put a character to a voice. The dialogue was too snappy that I didn’t really have time to invest in the characters, except the love interest. I felt she was the only character in that scene who could actually be called a character. The rest felt one-dimensional, as if the writer just needed someone for the female lead to talk to.

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