The Knightmare (Part Two)

The second part, doesn’t fulfill the promises made at the beginning. In fact it twists the end, not once, but twice. This would be fine, if the twists didn’t feel like they were being made for the sake of the twist—and not the story. The two twists follow somewhat cliche archetypes: The Act III villain change and “I knew it all along” plot twist.

I won’t give the specifics, but the villain you think is the bad guy is not the bad guy. That alone would’ve been fine, but it goes one step further than necessary. The twist after that is the hero knew about the murder legion’s plan all along. This is a plot twist, for those who listened to both parts—back to back—that comes off as more of a plot hole. However, during its original release, people forget the first part.

The reason I say that the hero knowing can be considered a plot hole, in the confines of this story, is because he is surprised upon hearing about the Murder Legion. The twist could’ve worked, if it was (Female crime boss) who told him. But the writer doesn’t go that route, thus making the plot more convoluted and a potential plot hole.