The Line: Angelus Arc (Part 3)

A brief subplot that introduces a new conflict that will sadly never be answered. Of course I’m referring to the meeting of the angels and their plan.

It’s very interesting, dark, and mysterious. It borderlines on confusion, for me, because I have yet to listen to the entire series in order. I was given a short role in episode 10 of arc 1. Then, in the second arc, I got another role—also in the tenth episode. Conspiracy theories aside, I feel the need to mention this useless piece of information, because it justifies the reason why I haven’t listened to the series from start to finish. And I use the term “justifies” very loosely. I knew how it was going to end (for the most part) before the final episode aired. Such is the way of a company like Pendant Productions. Organized and on-time.

Just to clarify, I have listened to all the episodes—I think. I just listened out of order, because I lost my place several times and might have accidentally skipped a few. I think I know why people dislike Itunes. I’ve never had a problem until all my podcast downloads got deleted. The story blended together so well that I couldn’t recall what episode had which plot point. As someone who enjoys movies, it’s very hard for me to watch one without breaking it down into beats. I can almost always say when the act transitions occur, even when first seeing the movie.

The fact that it’s hard for me to pinpoint the story beats in The Line further proves my point that this audio drama is like an independent film. Hollywood is notorious for having screenplays break down in very specific ways. In terms of a two hour movie: On page 10-11, x happens. On page 60 is the low point. Page 90…you get the idea. Structure seems to be king in Hollywood.

Again, not much to talk about in terms of story. I just hope my ramblings are enough to keep people interested.

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