The Line: Angelus Arc (Part 4)

Stephanie’s full plan is revealed and based on her character, it makes total fucking sense (semi-pun intended). As a “good” plan it fails every test. I’m not knocking it any points, because considering the circumstances, it was the best plan. There are some stories where the opposing, antagonist force is so powerful that how the hero’s defeat that force/person can be a form of deus ex machina. It’s the whole: the odds are so stacked against them that the hero’s pull something, practically out of nowhere, and defeat the bad guy. This episode of The Line walks this balance very carefully and, for some people, it might ruin the entire story. For me, however, it works.

The next episode, however, doesn’t walk that balance. More on that next week.
I just finished Mistborn: The Finale Empire by Brandon Sanderson, two weeks ago, and I still can’t get past how they defeated the bad guy. Maybe it wasn’t properly foreshadowed enough times, or maybe it just didn’t work for me. Whatever the case, it didn’t feel satisfying.

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