The Line Episode 1: “Fides, part 1”

The first episode of The Line is one of those episodes where not much happens until the very end and the episode ends on a cliffhanger. Typical thriller genre behavior, but the tone of the episode is sort of like an art house film. The opening scene is one that invoked a sense of horror, with Colin Kelly at the center of that scene playing the pendy award winning demon character. That whisper by itself is creepy on its own, but when put into context it just took it up another level for me.

The cliffhanger is that a lead character, at least I assume it’s a lead character seeing as she had the most lines, dies. That being said I didn’t really feel for her death and I mean who would, you’ve only had one episode to get to know her and I didn’t really have that much empathy for her. I assume the writer, Chris Brittain, is going for the redemption character arc and starting with an unlikable character. Even though she is unlikable, she does have qualities that I can relate too. If they weren’t present in the character then I wouldn’t be tempted to listen on at all.

In fact, when this episode first premiered at Pendant Audio I only half listened to the episode. And this is one of those shows where you can’t do that or you’ll miss key points or you’ll just consider it boring and dull. In my case however, I was just scared, like on the verge of having nightmares scared. So, after about the third or fourth episode I stopped listening to regain my sanity. But more on that once we get to those particular episodes.

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