The Line episode 2: “Fides, part 2”

Episode two of the line hooked me more than the first episode. It felt like the first two episodes went together and maybe during the script editing phase it was, but the way the first episode ended made me feel unsatisfied and this felt like it should’ve been part of it. But, then it would be over an hour long and most people I know don’t have that kind of time to kill. So in that retrospect, I think it was a good decision to split them up. I would’ve just chosen a different place to cut the episode that made me want to keep listening and not feel like one of those stories that goes like: “She opened the door and she saw…” It doesn’t do that, but it walks the line very carefully (The Line pun intended).

And of course you can’t have a show about religion without having a natural selection vs creationist battle. Well, if you can count a school board meeting as a battle? Joe is probably my favorite character in the show, because in high school I was in the kid who would bash creationism simply because they bashed evolution first. And that is debatable and it really depends on your perspective. Luckily this isn’t (which I’m sure actually exists, but am too lazy to look it up).

I know Joe doesn’t bash it for the same reason as I do. His reason is more how I view the issue today, though with some differences. In addition to Joe we have another character, Kitty Shadow (played by Genesis Avalon creator, Kathryn Pryde), who embodies the “suicide is a sin” archetype. And I know that’s probably not an archetype, but in the case of this show there are many modern christian archetypal characters that go against the christian belief such as the evolutionist, suicidal person, the homosexual man, woman or transgendered person are just to name a few.

Which is actually why, after restarting this series from scratch, I enjoy this show. It’ kind of an audio version of the bible for the modern age. I mean let’s face it, if the people that the church thinks are going to hell are actually the good guys and the members church are the bad guys, then it really makes you think and I enjoy and respect shows that do that.

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