The New York Crimes: Part 1

Once you get past the bad acting, this audio drama really shows some promise. The New York Crimes focuses around two twenty year old brothers in New York City. One wants to go upstate, while the other is content with partying non-stop. They are classic foil characters for each other.

In the first few scenes we pretty much know the two main characters and then the ball gets rolling from there. The two brothers meet a Mr. Norman Avery. Norman is a reclusive writer who owns a private investigation business. And the “Hipster Hardy Boys” are perfect candidates. What could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot of things. Otherwise there’s no story.

The acting isn’t that good. I’m not expecting oscar performances  but it sounded like they were reading—rather than acting. It’s only the first episode, so I hope I won’t be disappointed in future parts. The point is that the biggest hurdle for this first part is the acting. But the scene between the two brothers and Norman Avery is written well enough that you forgive that aspect of the episode.