The New York Crimes: Part 2

The acting was at a two, for the first part. Now, it jumped all the way up to an eight. My original hypothesis was somewhat blown out of the water by the story. One failed acting lesson doesn’t equal a master actor, obviously. But that’s neither here nor there. My new theory is that it’s a new series and is bound to have problems. I just wasn’t expecting acting to be one of them. This episode is much better, in terms of the acting. While not perfect, it isn’t cringe inducing.

The story focuses around the brother’s first case, involving a more than shady nightclub where items have been stole and now a kidnapping of the managers girlfriend. We get the clues through a quick question and answer dialogue session. After that the hipster hardy boys go to the “barcade.” These guys clearly lack the motivation, but they’re twenty. I can believe that they would go to an arcade/bar, first, before checking out the two leads.

All is not lost, for they do talk about the case. Ideas come up on who the culprit is and are quickly shot down with the power of logic. All in all, I enjoyed this second part of this four-part first season. The humor was funny and the story progressed nicely. What more could you ask for?