The Sting of the Dark Tower

It’s rare that a frame story is more interesting than the story being told by the characters inside the work of fiction. The Sting of the Dark Tower is one such example. Based on a story probably written by C.S. Lewis, this science fiction dystopia, shelled within a casing of contemporary sensibilities.

The story starts out in modern day or close to it. A new nanny has been hired for fifteen year old Juniper and C.S. Lewis is her favorite author. To find some common ground, the nanny reads her a story she has not read by him.

Enter story B. Lewis stars in the book as himself. Whether or not this was in the original source material remains to be seen, but the focus of the story is not on him. Rather it is about a young assistant Michael Scootermore and his fiancé traveling through space, but not time to a different dimension called “other world.”

The story explains the science of how this new technology works in way that’s needlessly complex and bogged down with jargon. For a well-read reader of science fiction, this still might hard to understand at first. Another 10-15 minutes in and it all starts to make more sense until you’re finally able to wrap your head around what’s going on.

The transitions between real life and the story are seamless and the technique used to accomplish this is something not seen very often in audio dramas.

4.5/5 Stars

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