This Thing of Ours Episode 2

Starting off the second episode with a long expository voice over isn’t the best way to start an episode. It was interesting, but border-lined on being a simple info dump. The first episode never crossed that line into the boring info dump. It came close, but it never crossed. That, and it didn’t start the episode with a monologue. I know in the review of the first episode, I said that I wished there were more serious examples of voice over narration. The first episode blew me out of the water. However, the second episode walked the carefully constructed line that episode one created. There wasn’t that much new and exciting. The production value, again, really amped up the experience for me. But that can only do so much. And with a mafia story, there can always be room for increasing the interest.

The main point this episode makes, in terms of the plot, is that two guys threaten two of Carmine’s workers. Other than that scene, the rest of the episode is just exposition and an occasional, somewhat funny, joke/wisecrack. Using the lyric: “reunited and it feels so good” as a joke, in my mind, is kind of cliche. I use that song as the butt of many of my jokes, so that’s probably why I think it is overused. To someone else, however, it may be original. The joke also seemed forced, but that’s probably because of it being a potential cliche.