This Thing of Ours Episode 4

Episodes 2 and 3 were not the best, but the last two episodes more than make up for it. Generally the second act of a story is the boring bit, because your in between an awesome beginning and the climax. You still have to get from point A to point C, but point B is where things can get tricky. Episode 4 really brought me back into the lives of the mafia. The meeting between Frank, Carmine, Mickey and Steve is one of great suspense and conflict, because based on what you know about Frank and Mickey, you’re expecting one thing to happen. But what you get is both satisfying and inevitable.

Another plus of this episode was the “double doors” scam, implemented by Carmine and Joey. I’m not sure if it’s an actual mob practice, but it sure is simple and ingenious; not that I recommend people do it. A part of the scene I really enjoyed was when Joey is telling Carmine how to act. For example: “Look Happy.” It’s very clever in that he’s also telling the audience at the same time.

Since audio drama can be considered a “blind” medium, lines of dialogue that explain exactly what’s going on are difficult to pull off. The reason being is that when dialogue is badly written, it will often come in the form of “I found a…” The character’s can see the object or whatever it is they see, because they are part of the story. The audience, obviously, can’t and will sometimes groan when they hear dialogue like that (or maybe that’s just me).

Anyway, this is my second favorite episode of Season 1. Episode 5 is my favorite, but more on that next week.

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