This Thing of Ours Episode 5

When I hear the tagline for “This Thing of Ours” (“A story about life in the mafia”), I imagine the fancy way of living that most mafia members probably enjoy. The holiday party scene was exactly what I think of when I hear the words, “mafia lifestyle.” The scene had great ambiance, it felt like I was sitting in the fancy room. As I’ve probably said before in another review, I’m a pretty vision-oriented person. For example: I rarely see what a character looks like inside my head. The fact that I could visualize it speaks a lot to the mixing side of the episode. On top of that, as I said before, I felt as if I was in the scene; immersed in it.

During that scene I felt like I was a character, witnessing the story first hand. Most of the time, when I listen to audio dramas I hear the story, rather than experiencing them. Just like movies, there are some audio dramas that are better than others.

I define “okay” audio dramas as ones where I only hear the story. “Great” audio dramas immerse me in the universe. A “bad” audio drama is where I have no idea what’s going on, whether it be the mixing or the writing. If I can’t follow the story, then you’ve lost me.

Scott Spaulding did this twice in the same episode. The final scene, where we are constantly shifting POV from Frank and Mickey to the people outside is so tense that I found my self saying: “Sh**, sh**, sh***” Luckily I was home, so no young minds were corrupted. But man, that was so nerve wracking. I only thought that cutting back and forth between shots worked in movies. After hearing this, I have to say that if I saw this scene on the screen, I wouldn’t be half as scared.