Tom Riddle’s Diary

Voldemort has always been on my list of top 20 villains in any story, mostly do to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and the Horcrux chapter. I know it sounds weird, and contradictory to what most professional writer’s talk about, but I enjoy reading info dumps. Maybe it’s just my love of learning – but when I read a paragraph, chapter or scene about how a magic system works (or technology, if science fiction) I adore it. The weirdest thing is I don’t generally write a lot of info dumps in my prose fiction stories.

I love the connection to World War II and the holocaust in episode two. In the books, I completely missed the subtext of “mudbloods” being allegorical to Jews. It wasn’t until the movies made it blatantly obvious that I saw the connection. I suppose that may have been the filmmaker’s call and not J.K. Rowling’s, but it made for interesting similarities that I love in stories. Basically I enjoy allegorical stories like The Crucible, because I love history and a good story and when those are combined in a unique way I enjoy the book that much more and can overlook some problems.

What I don’t get, and maybe this is just an example of same actor, different role, but why are Voldemort’s posse, practically the same actors as in Snape’s Diaries? This wouldn’t be a problem, but seeing as Tom Riddle’s Diary is set during World War II I can’t suspend my disbelief that Voldemort’s cronies survived when Snape was at school. Maybe I thought that the two Harry potter Series’ from Misfits Audio were connected in some way. I can believe Voldemort surviving all these years, because of splitting his soul. The more I think about it, the more confused I get with the timeline of Harry Potter (before the books begin).

What really brought it home for me was the way the writers tied in the flashback in The Chamber of Secrets. It was one of those nostalgic moments that I completely forgot about until the very last minute, when the credits rolled.