Wormwood Episode 2

The plot thickens, and by “thickens” I mean it gets very intriguing and mysterious. As I’ve said before in previous reviews, audio drama’s have their work cut out for them in terms of a mystery plot. Mostly it’s trouble’s with foreshadowing. It may make sense on the page, but the execution always doesn’t do it for me. The ending of The Kingery season four is such an example. I’m sure outlined and on simply reading the script that it works, but the point of audio drama is to listen. That’s not say that it’s the actors faults. I’ve yet to listen to an audio drama where I could blame a failure entirely on the actors. As like filmmaking, audio drama is a collaborative medium.

I’m also really liking the various subplots like the one involving “the muddy man.” Th subplots have a sort of space opera-esque feel to them, at least in the way they’re being executed. Your not going to find many supernatural thrillers like Wormwood. My first listen of this episode wasn’t nearly as exciting as the one I base this review on and I’m just glad I gave this serial a second chance. The first listen wasn’t too memorable.