Wormwood Episode 3

It’s only episode 3 and I’m already feeling the weight of many questions that are desperately waiting to be answered. To me, a good a mystery needs to be foreshadowed and not having the questions being answered with an avalanche effect. Writers usually need to answer some of the questions before the climax, because otherwise it may be an explosive pow ending, but the reader will have so much time with the mystery that when the answer is revealed it feels lacking in dramatic tension. The most recent arc of Batman: The Ace of Detectives did this to me, to the point where I was expecting more. Granted that’s do to the one episode a month format their working in, which for incidences like those, tend to be a weakness. But, that’s an entirely different review.

I also have a hard time keeping up with the story in general. I can’t tell one episode apart from another. Which is good for a serialized story, but in terms of reviewing one episode, it’s a nightmare to keep it all in the brain with some spill over. But, I suppose that’s true with any serialized story. I liked the episode and the series, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that when you have to re-listen to an episode over and over again, it tends to lose it’s original momentum.