Case Study

Another tale beautifully narrated by the narrator Ritten’s Playhouse. Like his work on Synthetic Justice, his voice both soothes and relaxes the listener. Unfortunately for this particular story, that comes off more of a weakness than a strength.

Simply put his voice isn’t suited for a tale that’s supposed to be funny. “Funny” in a satirical way more than anything. Once you understand the story is supposed to be satire, you’ll get a lot more enjoyment out of it.

The story is basic. A case study of a species of subhuman called Homo obtusous. Essentially their alcoholics given a scientific name. This is sort of science fiction, again in the realm of satire, is well written. The problem is the narrator doesn’t match the tone of the piece. The story itself is told via a report on what some scientists discovered about Homo obtusous. Things like their interactions to other obtusous’ and to the normal populace.

What they find isn’t all that interesting, given the ending of the story. In fact, there’s not really a story here. Story needs conflict and this is more along the lines of a book report written in an interesting and funny way.

3.5/5 Stars

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