Synthetic Justice

One of the best stories about drugs out there in the podosphere. Seriously it feels like you’re on drugs when you listen to it and that’s good considering the subject matter of this story. The ambience and music are a few elements that make this a truly unique experience for the ears.

While this is a short story there is dialogue. It’s hard to tell what’s going on until the end, but that’s part of its mystery and charm. The narrator does a fantastic job in providing rooting interest for the first person POV character with just his voice. If you want someone to read your story for an audiobook or podcast, this guy’s your man.

The dialogue mentioned earlier comes from a non-linear storytelling device. It’s like there’s an A story and a B story and both of them contradict each other somewhat. Another aspect that makes the story non-linear is the scenes in the courtroom. Told only through dialogue, it was like the cast went out of their way to immerse the reader more in the world and that’s something you hardly ever experience.

The one complaint is that the protagonist clearly uses the word “you” near the end of the story, which ultimately draws attention to itself and kicks the reader/listener out of the story. Small problem, but when it comes to POV I’m a stickler—even in films where the POV character isn’t always established.

5/5 Stars

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