ADR 100 Ebook Update #I-Lost-Track-of-How-Many-Times-I’ve-Updated-Everyone

Good news. Audio Drama Reviews: Three Years 100 Reviews is on the apple iBook store for free download. Nook is on the way and Kobo is still up and running.

Amazon Kindle is also up, but still priced at 99 cents. Until I can successfully get it price matched, it will have to stay at 99 cents. Hopefully it will come soon. If you want to help go to the amazon product page and click the “Tell us about a lower price link” underneath the “Product details” section near the bottom of the page. When prompted choose the “online” option and copy/paste any of the below URLs and enter the price of $0.00 in the appropriate field. Be sure to click submit:

Doing those steps should make the ebook free.

I’ll update everyone when amazon makes it free again, assuming  they want to. If they don’t, then I’ll post a .mobi file under the “Ebook” page. Figured I’d give them until the new year to price match. If it isn’t listed as free by then, I’ll post the file here.



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